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The All-in-One platform for managing your Dance Classes, Workshops, and Festivals

From the registration form to automated payment reminders, we take care of everything! Discover our platform specially designed for your needs in organizing weekly classes, workshops, and dance festivals.

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10,000+ sign-ups processed and counting

Signups, a modern platform for modern schools.

We seamlessly integrate with popular tools and services, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your students. With over 10,000 registrations processed, we've saved countless administrative hours for our clients. Discover how we can do the same for you.

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Filter your registrations by payment statusFilter your registrations by payment statusFilter your registrations by payment status


Spending hours manually reconciling payments and sending payment reminders?

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent reconciling payments and sending reminders to your students. Our platform simplifies and automates all aspects of the financial management of your dance studio, from automated payment reminders to synchronizing each transaction with your bank account. Whether you accept cash payments, transfers, or cards, everything is synchronized in real time, so you can focus on the core of your business.


A platform designed by dancers, for dancers.

Just like you, we are passionate about dance. That's why Signups stands out: our platform is created by dancers who understand the challenges of managing dance classes, workshops, and festivals. We have faced the same issues, which motivates us to offer a tool perfectly adapted to your needs.

Filter your registrations by roles
Filter your registrations by payment status


Say goodbye to Excel and complex formulas

Forget about the hours lost searching for values in your spreadsheet and other incomprehensible formulas to extract and sort the information that interests you. No more need to transfer information from forms to spreadsheets or struggle with complex formulas. Our system is designed to provide you with the information you need, exactly how you want it, without any complications.

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Ruben & Katrien - sway association Belgium (Boulevard Blues) 🇧🇪

We tested the system and were really impressed by all the (automated) features. No more losing time with emails & payments requests! Most of all we liked working with Christophe, he is easy to reach and has a solution or answer ready if you have a question!

BlueMove BCN — Barcelone, Espagne 🇪🇸

I use signups to manage my school and I am delighted with its ease of use and the time it saves me.

Every Feature a Dance Organizer Needs, All in One Place.

Step into a world where managing Dance Classes, Workshops and Festival is simplified and streamlined, thanks to our intuitive features. We continuously expand our feature set to meet your evolving needs in managing Dance Classes, Workshops, and Festivals. For an in-depth look at our current and upcoming features, click the link below.

Weekly Classes

Create weekly classes with ease and start selling them in no time.

We'll manage everything from your planning to your payments. You just have to focus on your students.


Single Class

Want to sell tickets for a single class? No problem!

Have a class idea in mind? Create a new course and start selling it in less than 5 minutes.



Create your next festival in a few clicks, and manage it all from one place.

Once you've entered the festival details, you'll be able to create and sell passes like « Party Pass » or « Class Pass ».



Setup a complete workshop without any hassle!

Once you've entered the festival details, you'll be able to create and sell passes like « Party Pass » or « Class Pass ».


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