Essential features for managing Dance Festivals, Workshops, and Weekly Classes.

Our platform is designed to handle the specific needs of dance schools and wellness studios. With tailored features for festivals, workshops, and classes, you can streamline your administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters: your students and your classes.

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Get up and running to accept all major credit cards in under 5 minutes

With Signups, you'll be up and running to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and all major credit cards in less than 5 minutes - thanks to our seamless Stripe integration. But we don't stop there. We also offer flexible payment options like interest-free installments through Klarna, allowing customers to pay over time in 3 easy chunks.

Providing multiple payment methods is proven to boost sales conversion by over 35%. By meeting buyers wherever they are with their preferred payment choice, you eliminate friction and maximize purchase convenience. From mainstream credit cards to digital wallets to buy-now-pay-later, Signups has you covered with a full suite of modern, secure payment capture. Get set up and start capturing revenue with ease.

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Finally, a purpose-built solution to organize your dance studio

Generic tools simply can't handle the intricate roles, disciplines, and skill levels inherent to the dance world. From delineating Followers versus Leaders to managing classes across styles like ballet, hip-hop, and salsa - the organizational complexity is immense. Signups solves it all.

Our intuitive platform lets you create custom dancer roles, disciplines, and progression levels - with unlimited flexibility to model your studio's precise needs. Easily filter and sort enrollments to reveal key insights like who are your advanced ballet Followers versus beginner Leaders in Latin dance. Powerful segmentation, right at your fingertips.

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Streamlined waitlist management to boost revenue

As a studio owner, you know the importance of effective waitlist management - it's a crucial revenue driver, but also a massive time drain. Signups offers flexible, full-featured waitlist tools tailored specifically for the dance world.

Easily create role-specific waitlists with limited spots, handling entries manually or setting smart auto-pilot rules. With intuitive filters and automation, you optimize classroom utilization with less effort.

Our deep dance studio experience underlies a waitlist system laser-focused on your needs. Spend less time juggling lists and more time growing your studio's potential with Signups.

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Seamless GDPR compliance to protect your studio and your customers

In today's digital age, data privacy is not just a necessity—it's a mandate. With Signups, you're not just replacing complicated spreadsheets with intuitive management; you're ensuring GDPR compliance with ease. Unlike custom or homemade solutions that might leave you vulnerable to data breaches and legal penalties, our platform is designed with privacy at its core.

Rest easy knowing that your studio's and your customers' data are protected by stringent, up-to-date GDPR standards. Signups not only frees up hours previously lost to spreadsheet complexity but also safeguards sensitive information, mitigating risks and reinforcing trust with your clients. Choose Signups for a worry-free path to compliance and focus on what you do best—nurturing the art of dance.

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user experience

Support for multiple languages and currencies

Signups empowers your dance studio to go global by supporting numerous languages and currencies, ensuring you connect effectively with a worldwide audience. By offering services in clients' native languages and transactions in their local currencies, you significantly enhance user experience and increase engagement.

Studies show that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language, and 92% prefer to shop and make purchases in their local currency if given the option. By using Signups, you align your studio with these preferences, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting your conversion rates. Our platform ensures that your studio is not just a local favorite but a global contender, making every user feel at home, no matter where they are.

With Signups, you don't just get a tool; you get a gateway to the world. Enable your studio to thrive in the global market by breaking down language and currency barriers, one dance class at a time.

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